Annie Abrahams

Annie Abrahams has a doctorate in biology from the University of Utrecht and a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Arnhem. In her work, using video, performance, as well as the internet, she questions the possibilities and the limits of communication in general and more specifically investigates its modes under networked conditions. She is an internationally regarded pioneer of networked performance art.

Lukas Avendaño

Dancer and creator of “human body installations,” Avendaño was born on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca and is of Zapotec ancestry. He developed his arresting style of performance after having studied and presented at a wide variety of programs including: the Pocha Nostra Summer Workshop (Oaxaca), the National Dance Institute’s Teaching Artist Training Program (NYC), Seminar in Theater / Anthropology Relations (Denmark), the 3rd International Congress on Science, Art and Humanities; the 8th Body Theater Conference (Poland). He has also performed in the Czech Republic, France, Quebec and Peru. In 2010-11, Avendaño spent nine months teaching dance to youth at community centers in Cd. Juárez.

Chloe Bass + Brian Balderston

Low Lives 3 marked the first collaboration between Chloe Bass and Brian Balderston. Bass works primarily in the realm of performance while Balderston focuses primarily on concept based installation projects. Both artists are based in Brooklyn, NY.

Camille Baker

Camille is an artist-performer/researcher/curator/educator within various forms: mobile, electronic, interactive and performance art, and media and video art. She is an experienced designer, singer, songwriter, performer, and bassist.

Tzitzi Barrantes

Tzitzi Barrantes is an artist and independent cultural solicitor with Fine Arts degree from National University of Colombia (UNAL), where she is currently completing an interdisciplinary Masters in Theatre and Live Arts. Since 2006, Barrantes has been dedicated to performance and action art. She organizes, with José Ricardo Delgado, the Encuentro de Acción en Vivo y Diferido (AVD). In her performances and urban interventions the focus is the body as tie of sensorial experiences that involve the walker and passer-by. She has shown works at festivals in Portugal, Argentina, Spain, Colombia and Mexico.

Rachelle Beaudoin

Rachelle Beaudoin is an artist who uses video, wearables, and performance
to explore feminine iconography and popular culture. She attended the College of the Holy
Cross where she studied Studio Art and played ice hockey. She holds a Master’s degree
in Digital+Media from Rhode Island School of Design.

Black & Jones

Black & Jones is comprised of Kell Black and Barry Jones. Both artists are professors at
Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN where they make a lot of noise.

Caroline Boileau

Caroline Boileau lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Driven by a fine attention to human
context, her reflection is strongly inspired and imbued by the medical and pharmaceutical
worlds in which, in parallel to her work as an artist, she has been evolving for many years.
Her work has been presented in exhibitions in Canada, the US, Belgium, Spain, Austria,
Finland and Brazil.

Catherine Cabeen

Catherine Cabeen, MFA is the Artistic Director of Catherine Cabeen and Company
(CCC). CCC has performed nationally and internationally since 2009. Cabeen is a former
member of the Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, and the Martha Graham Dance
Company, among others.

Jennifer Chan

Jennifer Chan is an artist-curator who shows in online and offline exhibition spaces.
She is currently pursuing her MFA in Art Video at Syracuse University, and has a BA in
Communications from University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College. She recently
exhibited in Images Festival, BYOB, and Her research explores the
value of amateur aesthetics and questions ways of curating after the popularization of the
internet. She works with performance, installation, text, video and web-based media.

Le Chien Sauvage

Le Chien Sauvage is mostly anchored in Washington D.C. but traverses the
globe rabble rousing, carousing, and never sleeping.

Tyrone Davies

Tyrone Davies currently finds himself living and working in either Salt Lake City, Utah or
San Francisco, California. His work concerns issues surrounding mediated cultures and
experiences. Davies works primarily in video, film, and installation.

Joseph DeLappe

Joseph DeLappe is a Professor of the Department of Art at the University of
Nevada where he directs the Digital Media program. Working with electronic and new
media since 1983, his work in online gaming performance and electromechanical
installation have been shown throughout the United States and abroad – including
exhibitions and performances in Australia, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Spain,
Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada. He has lectured throughout the world regarding
his work, including most recently at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. His
works have been featured in the New York Times, The Australian Morning Herald, Artweek,
Art in American and in the 2010 book from Routledge entitled Joystick Soldiers: The
Politics of Play in Military Video Game.


Dev01ded is a shamanistic media art collective founded in Berlin in 2009 by valquire,
xorzyzt, and grayl. dev01ded specialize in interactive video installations and
video-integrated performance art.

Alfred Dong

Alfred Dong was born in China. He is an award-winning filmmaker and visual artist.
Alfred Dong’s films have been screened in China, USA, France and the Netherlands. His
artworks and performance have appeared in solo exhibitions in China. His works have been
exhibited in Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Moscow Museum of Modern Art,
PFAC Biennial, WRO Media Art Biennale in Poland, White Box in New York, Apexart in New
York, Asian Arts Initiative, Arcade Gallery in Chicago and UK, Italy. Alfred Dong lives and
works in China and USA.

Nancy Douthey

Nancy Douthey is a performance artist who received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Practice
and Emerging Forms from the University of Houston. Her work has been exhibited at
Texas Gallery, Diverseworks, Lawndale Art Center, Reed College, Clemson University,
Houston Community College, Northeast and any given available public space/place she
sees fit.

Eosin (Diana Combo)

Diana Combo works under the name of Eosin, an anagram of noise. With
a background in Sound and Image Studies, she developed an experimental approach to
sound production and performance and started to work with deformed vinyl records, combining
the sounds of the resulting errors on the surface of the record with its existing musical content.
At present she is working on gradually growing sound textures made of lock grooves, vinyl
noises and other samples, adding field recordings from various sources in a parallel layer.

Julie Fotheringham
+Jarryd Lowder

Julie Fotheringham is a New York based performance artist. She has shown her work in
various venues, including Movement Research at Judson Church, Dance New Amsterdam,
and Center for Performance Research. Julie was featured in The L Magazine’s “Ten Names
You Need to Know in NYC Arts” issue in Sept. 2009. For more info. go to

Jarryd Lowder is an artist working with electronic audiovisual media (integrating forms such as video, sound and music) primarily for live performance. His performances and other works have been presented in the US and countries such as Spain, France, Japan, Finland, Korea and the Netherlands. At the School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art department, he works as an instructor of studio classes in Video and Sound/Music.

Second Front

Second Front is a virtual performance group that creates theaters of the absurd, challenging
notions of virtual embodiment, online performance and the formation of virtual narrative.

Deborah Goffe

Deborah Goffe is a performer, choreographer, dance educator and video artist.
She is Founder and Artistic Director of Scapegoat Garden, a collaborative dance theater
based in Hartford, Connecticut, driven to create daring interdisciplinary dance performance
that goes in through the nose, eyes, skin, ears and mouth to stir those who witness and

Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez is a self-taught performance artist. Gonzalez was born in Portland,
OR, and graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in 2010 with a BFA
in Painting. He has performed in local project spaces including Appendix Project Space,
Carhole, and Kitchen Sink in Portland

Katelena Hernandez

Katelena Hernandez lives and works in Austin. She has a degree in Studio Art from
Yale University and has been involved in the arts in Austin for more than a decade.

Ajeesh K.B. + Santhosh V.S.
+ Hemabharathy Palani

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts is India’s premiere organization working in the field of
contemporary movement arts. Our programmes include Education & Outreach, a
Diploma in Movement Arts & Mixed Media, Research & Documentation, the Attakkalari India Biennial
– an international festival of contemporary dance and the Repertory Company. Attakkalari’s
Young Choreographers’ Platform supports emerging artists in choreography
development, production, performance and dissemination.

Jayson Keeling

Jayson Keeling’s work has been featured in many institutions including The Studio Museum
in Harlem, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise at Passerby and The Bronx and Queens Museums of
Art. In 2009 he was the recipient of Apex Art’s Outbound Travel Residency to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

La La La Singers

Through repetition we lose ourselves reaching moments of soul. The communal
experience is what it’s all about. Other people’s shortcomings, as well as our own, are put
to song. Excessive underarm flab, fear of failure or success, and lazy exerciser are among
the many utilized. By sharing our faults, it helps us to realize we are not so out of line. The
current incarnation concerns artmaking. We have a good grip on this, since we are all artists.

Gabriela León + Saúl López Velarde
+ Daniel Weinstock

Daniel Weinstock, Gabriela León and Saúl López Velarde are interested in hybrid artist projects,
multidisciplinary and multicultural, where photography and performance are used as a catalyst
or vehicle for image creation. They live and work in Oaxaca, México.

Shaun El C. Leonardo

Shaun El C. Leonardo is a multidisciplinary artist. He received his MFA from
the San Francisco Art Institute and currently lives/works in Queens, New York City –
the borough in which he was born and raised. His work has been presented internationally
and is represented by Praxis International Art, New York/Miami/Buenos Aires.

Anya Liftig

Anya Liftig is a nationally and internationally recognized performance artist.
Her most recent work, “The Anxiety of Influence,” was an intervention into Marina
Abramovic’s “The Artist is Present” retrospective at MOMA. She is a graduate of Yale
University and Georgia State University and has received grant and residency support
from The Field, Vermont Studio Center, University of Antioquia, Casa Tres Patios-Medellin
Colombia, and Flux Projects, Atlanta.

Kristin Lucas

Multimedia artist Kristin Lucas addresses our complex relationship to the digital realm by
raising questions about the gap between virtual and lived realities. Engaging strategies of art
and intervention, she works within the context of public and private systems. Her work has
been exhibited internationally and is represented by Postmasters Gallery and Electronic Arts
Intermix in New York.

Saul Melman

Saul Melman is an artist who lives and works in New York City. He has presented sculpture,
installation and performance at MoMA PS1, the Whitney Museum of American Art and
Socrates Sculpture Park.

Marcello Mercado

Born in 1963, Marcello Mercado is Italian – Argentine. He lives and works in Köln / Brühl,
Germany. His work is interdisciplinary and based on a relationship between biology, technology
and art.

Jui Mhatre + Jaee Joshi

Jui Mhatre has been practicing classical Indian dance for past fifteen years.
Originally from India, she currently lives and teaches Indian dance in Victoria, Texas. She has
appeared in several solo performances in the United States and Canada. Her current work
focuses on fusing dance with sculpture.

Jaee Joshi has been a classical Indian dancer for the past fifteen years. She has taught dance for past
eight years in Mumbai, India and has performed in several national festivals all over India.
She works as a banker in Mumbai, India.

Julio Cesar Morales 
+ Guillermo Galindo

Julio César Morales is an artist, educator and curator currently
working both individually and collaboratively. Morales utilizes a range of media including
photography, video, and printed and digital media to make conceptual projects that
address the productive friction that occurs in trans-cultural territories such as urban
Tijuana and San Francisco, and in inherently impure media such as popular music and
graphic design.

Guillermo Galindo’s artistic work spans a wide spectrum of expression from
symphonic composition to the domains of musical and visual computer interaction,
electro-acoustic music, opera, film music, instrument building, three dimensional installation,
live performance and sound design. His music has been performed and shown at major
festivals and art exhibits throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Irvin Morazan + Maya Jeffereis

Maya Jeffereis was born in Sun Valley, CA. She earned her BFA in
Painting & Drawing and BA in Classics from University of Washington in Seattle, pursued
post-baccalaureate studies in Performance at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and
is a current MFA candidate at Hunter College in Performance and Video.

Irvin Morazan was born in El Salvador in 1976 and now works and lives in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from S.V.A. in 2003 with a B.F.A. and is currently enrolled at Hunter College. Past exhibitions/ performances include DCKT gallery, Exit Art, Rush arts, Sean Kelly Gallery, the annex, Jack the Pelican, the Jersey City Museum, the Saud Haus (Berlin Germany), the Caribbean Museum (Colombia South America), Marte Museum (El Salvador Central America), the Bronx River Arts Center, the Masur Museum. He attended the Aljira emerge program 2006, the Skowhegan residency in 2009 and received the Robert Mapplethorpe award for Photography.

Molly O’Connor

Molly O’Connor, A.K.A. Molliver, is a multi-disciplinary performance artist from
Oklahoma City. Through visual art, performance and storytelling, Molliver seeks to bring
joy, light and laughter to others.

Julian Palacz + Bernhard Garnicnig

Julian Palacz is an artist and programmer based in Vienna, Austria.
He graduated with an M.A. in Digital Arts from the University for Applied Arts Vienna in
2010. His piece “Algorithmic search for love” has recently received a Prix Ars Electronica
Honorary Mention and the Interactive Art Prize from the Festival Internacional Multimédia, Portugal.

Bernhard Garnicnig is an artist and curator based in Newcastle and Vienna. In 2011 he graduated with an M.A. in Digital Arts from the University for Applied Arts Vienna. He explores the transition of the built and “natural” environment to the network space as the defining sonic environment of our lives.

So Percussion

So Percussion is: Eric Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Sliwinski, and Jason Treuting.
Since 1999, So Percussion has been creating music that explores all the extremes of
emotion and musical possibility. Called an “experimental powerhouse” by the Village
Voice, “astonishing and entrancing” by Billboard Magazine, and “brilliant” by the New
York Times, the Brooklyn-based quartet’s innovative work with today’s most exciting
composers and their own original music has quickly helped them forge a unique and
diverse career.


SaBa is a series of collaborative projects created by Sam Sheffield & Barry Whittaker.
Currently based in Nara-ken Japan, Sam & Barry develop interactive work inspired by a
variety of media ranging from Japanese television and history to internet memes and
game theory.

Marisol Salanova

Marisol Salanova is a Spanish art critic and independent curator based in Valencia,
where she got her degree in Philosophy. Her main areas of research are: Visual Culture,
Technological Identity and Museum Education Programs, specializing in Gender
Conceptualization within Contemporary Art.

Rosa Sanchez + Alain Baumann

Kònic thtr is an artistic platform based in Barcelona aimed at
contemporary creation combining art, new technologies and science since the early
nineties. Its main focus of activity is the application of interactive and telematic
technologies to artistic projects. The works of Kònic thtr have been shown internationally
in Europe, Africa, South America and the US.

Byd Sarrett (Omar Góngora Guzmán
+ Gabriel Quintal Larrocha)

Electrofuturistichardpop and dreamy style duo, made up by Gabriel Quintal, visual artist,
rock star and butcher, who plays percussion, and Omar Gongora- performance artist, damned
poet and geek musician, who is in charge of gadgets (Nintendo DSi, iPod touch and digital
guitar). The group got together thanks to a link via Skype between Merida and Mexico City,
and from there they begin to play, always via Skype, in Argentina, Canada and other cities
in Mexico. Currently working on editing the footage recorded live at their presentations to
publish their first album: Musik From the Future.

Jenny Schlief

Jenny Schlief is a mixed-media artist who creates work from her personal
experiences — home movies of her two kids, a video of her jumping on a hotel room bed
in her skivvies and collage-centric drawing projects based on her high-school sketchbook
— that usually border on her uncomfortable-to-share feelings. Schlief lives and works in
Houston, TX as the co-founder of Supreme Value, a web services and design business,
and runs the gallery Red White Yellow located inside Box13 ArtSpace. She received her
B.F.A. from the University of Texas (Austin).

Carmen Sober

Carmen Sober was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has a penchant
for saws and other hardware.

Alan Sondheim

Alan Sondheim is a writer/performer/musician/theorist/new media artist living in
Brooklyn, NY. His work has been featured in Second Life, and numerous galleries and other
institutions in the real world. He wonders why he can’t fly in the real world, although his
puppets can.

Nathan Stevens

Combining a variety of experimental practices with a curious perspective on
contemporary society, North American intermedia artist Nathan Stevens creates dynamic
installations and intersubjective events that penetrate themes of individualism and
miscommunication within our evolving virtually actual 21st century lives.

Zornitsa Stoyanova

Zornitsa Stoyanova directs Here[begin] Dance. She hails from Bulgaria,
but now lives in Philadelphia, USA. She is a dancer, choreographer, graphic and web designer.

Channel TWo

Channel TWo is a post-network media channel that begins with entertainment-based
narrative as a common language. Chanel TWo is Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook,
with special appearances by guest stars. Their work is the recipient of a 2010 Turbulence

Frans van Lent

Frans van Lent (Rotterdam 1955) Performances, photography and video.
Lives and works in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Lectures at the Willem de
Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Claude van Lingen

Claude van Lingen’s work has been exhibited in the US, Canada, Europe and South
Africa, most notably at the São Paulo Biennial. It is in the collections of Blanton Museum of Art,
Austin Texas and almost every museum in South Africa.

Ginna Vélez

Ginna Alejandra Vélez Carrasco 1982. Bogotá, Colombia. Bachelor of Artistic Education.
Currently working with OKAN, which is a research group, and GeoCorpus, which is an artistic
corporation. Participated in events such as: Encuentro Internacional de Performance Cita a
Ciegas, Cusco, Perú; HORASPERDIDAS performance-art. 3th Ed. Monterrey, México; 1er y
2do Encuentro de Artes Relacionales ASAB, Bogotá; TESIS 2010 in the Contemporary Art
Museum MAC, Bogotá among others.

Rodell Warner

Rodell Warner is a photographer and graphic designer who works in Trinidad and Tobago

Ian Warren

Ian Warren is from Ipswich, a small fishing town on the north shore of Massachusetts.
He has exhibited in the United States, as well as internationally in Berlin, Istanbul and Beijing.
Warren is currently completing his MFA at Columbia University, and in 2009 was a resident at
the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine

Heather Warren-Crow

Heather Warren-Crow makes live performance pieces that appropriate,
manipulate, and screw around with forms of identity brought into being by the mass media.
She received a doctorate in Performance Studies from the University of California, Berkeley,
and is a professor of art theory and practice at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s Peck
School of the Arts.

Rebecca Weiner

is a multi-media artist from Roswell, Georgia. She is constantly experimenting
with new elements in the realm of digital art. Rebecca draws upon her
background in painting, sculpting, photography, web development, social
media, and a BA in Strategic Communications from Elon University.

Paul Wiersbinski

Paul Wiersbinski studied video art with Mark Leckey and Douglas Gordon at
the Städelschule in Frankfurt (Main). He has assisted artists such as Tim Staffe, Asta
Gröting and the VJ-team monitor.automatique. His own work has been screened in international
exhibitions (e.g. ZKM Karlsruhe / Mediations Biennale Poznan / Alma Enterprises London /
Goethe Institute Belgrade), theaters (Mousonturm Frankfurt / European Center of the Arts,
Hellerau / Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin), festivals (Filmwinter Stuttgart /
European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück / EJECT Mexico City) and received several awards,
such as the videoartprize of the filmboard Bremen and a project grand of the Federal Cultural
Foundation of Germany. He has recently held lectures and presentations in Split, Croatia at
“Video Vortex 4” (on “Online Narratives”), within the series “Electric Streams” at the Kunstmuseum
Bonn and at the Villa Vigoni in Como, Italy (on “Violence as Entertainment in
Video Art“) as well as at the Symposium “Artech”, University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal
(on “New Experiences with Digital Media”).